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September 19 2017


How to Know You're Ready for Hypnosis

A lot of people will call me up and now they'll have a lot of questions about hypnosis, and they really want to pick my mind, and want tell me their stories. But I only work very specific type of person for. I wrote this article so you can determine if hypnosis is the right thing for you, or not. I'm gone be a little provocative at the beginning. I'm gone say hypnosis isn't for the following people. Then I'm gone tell you who hypnosis is for.

So, hypnosis is not for people that want to keep reiterating their same story in life and victimizing themselves. Hypnosis, and working with me, is not for you, I'm afraid. If you want to continue to be disempowered and just have someone listen to you bitch and complain about your life and how tough it is, I've got news for you, everyone's life is tough. So, if you want to hold on to that story and that's all you want to do and you don't want to get any better, hypnosis is not for you. If you're looking to haggle on price or if you're looking at multiple other hypnotists to work with you and you're gonna show up on price, hypnosis is not for you. If you're heavily on medication and you have no plan with your doctor to eventually come off that medication under supervised medical observation, then hypnosis is not for you. In fact, my kind of hypnosis is not for you. And if you have any of those things that I'm gone tell you right now categorically, hypnosis is not for you and I'm certainly not for you. If you're easily offended, if you don't like your world to be challenged, hypnosis and working for me is not for you.

All right, are you still reading? Because I think I got rid of all the people it's not for and I'm happy to do that because I had 20 years of working with people at that and it made me pull my hair out. I had to hypnotize myself to grow my hair back.

Who is hypnosis for? Well, hypnosis is for good people. Usually people who are just sick and tired of being sick and tired. They are frustrated, they are annoyed. They've tried multiple things to fix their problems but nothing's worked. But they're still good people. They still have hope and they want it to change. They want to take ownership for their life and they just need a little bit guidance. Hypnosis is that, for that kind of person. If you just need to be pointed in the right direction and you want my guidance to help you get there, but you take full responsibility for your life and for your situation no matter how tough it may be and how difficult it is to do that sometimes and how brave you have to be. If you can do that, hypnosis is for you.

If you're scientifically minded, you want proof if hypnosis works for you, hypnosis works for you. Because if you go on to lukenosis.com, I counted them today, there are 50 testimonial videos of 50 different people. Not the same person with 50 different problems, but 50 different people with multiple, different problems talking about their experience. If you're scientifically minded, hypnosis is for you. If you want to come in and you want to talk about believing in hypnosis, or not believing in hypnosis, you do not need to believe in hypnosis for it to work. And you do not, not need to believe in for it to work. Hypnosis is not religion. You don't need to believe in it and you also don't need to not believe in it. Hypnosis is just simply a set of instructions that I give to your unconscious mind in order to get you to do involuntary things with your mind and with your body. So, if you come in and you accept that it's not a belief system, it's not a religion, it's not a cult, it's simply about a bunch of instructions that a good hypnotist will use to help you to get to the next level, a blueprint, if you understand that, if you are scientifically minded, hypnosis is for you.

If you feel that you need to think about having hypnosis after reading this article or after having a chat with a qualified hypnotic professional about if it's the right thing for you, often they've done a full screening for you, I'm gone tell you right now, hypnosis is not for you. Because oftentimes, it doesn't matter if you believe in it or not. It often comes down to people saying, "I need to go and think about it." And it always makes me chuckle, because one of the questions I always ask people on a screening call, is, "How long have you been thinking about this problem?" And they'll tell me anywhere from three months to 30 years. And my next question is always, "Do you need to think about it some more? Or you are ready to make that change now with the right help and guidance?" And they always say, "Well, no, I'm ready now." And they oftentimes... not oftentimes, but occasionally we get to the end of the call and they'll be like, "Well, I need to think about it." And my question is always, "Well, a little bit earlier on, you told me you've been thinking about it for three months to 30 years and that you wanted to fix it now. So, really what more do you need to think about? You either want to do it and you want to get help and make that change, or you don't."

I'd love to help you, but also if you don't want my help, that's okay as well, because fundamentally it's all your life. But the people who are "Maybe". I need to think about it," really what they're doing is they're doing themselves a disservice, because they've already delayed getting a solution to their problem, they're already in some kind of suffering or misery, otherwise they wouldn't have picked up the phone to call me, or they wouldn't have sent me an email. They're suffering. They're in pain, they've been in this vicious loop for a long time, and for me to say, "Well, yeah go and think about it," all I would be doing is perpetuating that vicious cycle and fitting into that problem and enabling it. And my job from day number one has been about empowering people, about un-victimizing people, and allowing people to make a decision, yes or no, whatever it is, but make a decision. So, if you need time to think about it, it's not for you as well.

Hypnosis is only for people who are ready, they're ready to make the change now, they're ready to get some guidance, they're ready to come in with an open mind, with a good, positive attitude that they can take simple direction, it's ethical to them and it's non-fattening, as I always like to say. If that's you, hypnosis is fantastic for you and I'm here for you. Pick up the phone or drop me an email. But if you're one of the earlier categories, honestly, this is not just a ploy, please don't hire a hypnotist, because a good hypnotist will screen you out on the screening call very, very rapidly, and you may not like them when they tell you they cannot work with you. If the people that are good people, that are ready to take ownership of their life. They don't need to discuss it with their friends or family or a whole committee and everyone they know. They realize that it's their life, that they make... need to make a decision one way yes, or no, another way, that if they want to have help and whether they want to fix it. If that's you, Hypnosis is great for you!

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